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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  October 12, 2016 10:34pm-11:18pm CDT

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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- bryan cranston,
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musical guest barry gibb, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 553! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what we want! that's what you want! that's a hot crowd! that is a hot crowd right there! welcome, everybody. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] this is it. you made it. you made it. you're the show. thank you for being here,
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it continues to be a rough couple of weeks for trump. now a former "apprentice" contestant says that donald trump didn't know the names of all the women on the show and would describe them by their bodies and looks. [ audience boos ] when asked about it trump said, "which women said that? brown hair lazy eye? or blonde hair nose job? i know her." [ laughter and applause ] chris christie said this week that he was very disturbed, disappointed, and embarrassed comments. in fact it was the thi -- i'm sorry. i screwed that up. [ light laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] chris christie said this week that he was very disturbed, disappointed, and embarrassed by donald trump's leaked comments. in fact, it was the first thing ever that left a bad taste in christie's mouth. [ laughter and applause ] ever. >> steve: ever? >> jimmy: can't believe that. >> steve: wow. >> jimmy: "blonde lady nose job? was it lazy -- it was lazy eye, wasn't it?" [ light laughter ] but mike huckabee talked to megyn kelly yesterday about why voters should support donald trump. and he compared trump to captain quint from the movie "jaws." [ light laughter ] which i'm not sure what the best metaphor.
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he's the guy woing to save your bund save ur & and so at the d of the day, when he kills the shark, you're happy about it. now, hillary is the shark. she's going to eat your boat. that's the choice you get to make. [ light laughter ] >> now governor, i hate to be the one to tell you this -- >> you're gonna -- >> but captain quint got eaten by the shark. [ laughter and applause ] ?? >> jimmy: oh, no! my g no spoilers! no spoilers! [ light laughter ] meanwhile, hillary is telling the guy planning her victory party "we're going to need some bigger balloons." [ light laughter ] just too much. i saw that donald trump just released a new tv ad attacking hillary clinton's health with clips of her coughing. [ light laughter ] which was effective until the end when he said, "i'm
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[ sniffing ] [ laughter ] is he sniffing again? why's he sniffing all the time? did you guys see this? trump was telling voters to get out and vote at a rally in florida yesterday. but check out when he told voters to go to the poll. now, keep in mind, the election is november 8th. e'ng shat's cr. it's a movemt. but if we don't win, all it is i hi little asterisk in ory. there's never been anything like this. so go and register. november 28th. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: "be sure you get out there. my supporters thought the election was november 28th. so the election is rigged. [ laughter ] it should be november 28th. it should be. i think that's the date it should be." [ light laughter ] i saw that yesterday al gore campaigned for hillary clinton
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be unfortunately for gore, a a recount showed that itas only 1,300 people. [ audiencehs ]? [ ]laht ve: hey-o! >> jimmy: "how's it hangg, ad [ lighhter this is interesting. a new study finds that havg acne could be a good thing, e it protects your skin from aging. cheers ] and teenagers are like, "right now it just feels like it's protecting me from girls." [ laughter and applause ] listen to this. samsung is sending out thermally insulated flame-proof boxes for people returning its exploding galaxy note 7 phones. [ light laughter ] samsung says they're being extra cautious. while u.p.s. is saying, please use fedex. please. [ laughter and applause ?] just don't get us involved. and finally, after samsung announced that it's permanently stopping production on its exploding galaxy note 7, i read
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you can tell apple's excited, because this morning when i asked siri what the weather was she said -- >> it is raining dollar bills. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we have a great show tonight. give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? [ cheers and applause ] thank you very much for watching our show. thank you for being here, guys. i'm so excited about tonight's show. i'm so excited. but there's more ahead. tomorrow night, vin diesel will be here, of course. [ cheers and applause ] we love vin diesel. and then on friday, jon hamm will be joining us. [ cheers and applause ] we've got something special planned with him. be sure to tune in for that. and we have a performance from kings of leon. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: hey! >> jimmy: so it's a good week coming ahead. set your dvrs, your tivos.
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yesterday with kevin hart, that is -- last time, i went on a roller coaster with him, because he's afraid of roller coasters. so we went on, and honesy, it was frightening, it was hilarious. so this one i wanted to something that i was afraid of, so w ta unus?) i can't [ lauglight i can't even talk about it. i'm still -- i'm just coac my lawyers -- i my larigh now, we're figuring -- >> steve: you're suing yourself? >> jimmy: it was -- i'm gonna sue myself for taking there. but it's going to air tomorrow night. be sure to tune in for t it's very, very funny. kevin hart. [ cheers and applause ] we havsuch a fun show tonight. we love it when this man ps us a visit. iturns out he's also a a icriter. here's his new memoir, "a life in parts." bryan cranston is here! [ cheers and applause ]?q >> steve: what? >> jimmy: when you get it down, it works. turns into heisenberg.
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we love her. we've been watching her crush it in films since she was 7 years old. dakota fanning is dropping by. >> steve: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] and do we have music tonight! >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: do we have music tonight! [ cheers ] my man barry gibb is here tonight, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ]?)$e i love barry gibb. obviously, you know, i love barry gibb. he's just one of my favorite people. i remember in high school, i would -- it's not like i didn't have friends. i had -- [ light laughter ] i had like three or four friends, yeah. >> steve: two were real. >> jimmy: two were real. thank you, higgins. [ light laughter ] one of them is one of the writers on the show and we would get together on, probably friday nights i'm assuming. we had nowhere to go. but i had the bee gees box set, "tales from the brothers gibb", or "tales of the brothers
10:43 pm
even afford it, i went halvesies with my dad. [ light laughter ] we did. we split it. i'm like, "i'll share this with you, dad." but anyway, i was old enough to drink in high school. [ light laughter ] >> steve: what? >> jimmy: i was 21 in high school. and we'd have like a 12-pack of beer or something like that. and we'd sit and we would listen to just all the bee gees songs, and wwo all the harmonies, and, like, really dissect it. and he, sometimes -- my friend gerard would be robin and i would be barry, and then we'd switch off. every song, like -- ? here we are in the room full of strangers ? no, that's me and justin. ?? and then like robin would go -- ? follow you though you did not want me to ?
10:44 pm
my love for you i can't stay away ? ? blaming it all on the nights on broadway ? ?? >> steve: barry gibb's talk show. ?? his new album "in the now," and i just love it. i'm just so happy he's here. get ready. because he's just the best. [ cheers and applause ] he's got a new record. i mean, also -- i don'ow not many people know this, but barry gibb actually has a a children's tv show. it's called -- >> steve: does he really? >> jimmy: it's called "silhouette singing." >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: basically barry gibbs gets together with 1 1970s barry gibb and they sound out different words and then harmonize them together. they just released a new episode where they sing words about the fall. check this out. [ cheers and applause ]
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? scare scarecrow scarecrow ? ?? ? foot football football ? ?? ? corn maze corn maze ? ? horn of plenty horn of plenty ? ? leaf pile jump into the leaf pile ? [ cheers and applause ] ? haunted hayride ? ? ha-ha-ha-ha haunted hayride haunted hayride ?
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[ cheers andpplause ] >> jimmy: thank you very much, again, to barry gibb for doing that. ?? ?? what was that other jam that i liked? ? in the event of something happening to me
10:51 pm
st ? it'toaph of someone that i knew? it's a very young -- it's an early -- dp cu >> jimmy: deep cut on that one. "new york mining disaster 1941." >> oh, yeah. i rember that one. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] he ae,lswrn, not e eetu he did, you know, hete d ?wase." ch?r ? is the word that ieeling ? [ cheers ]?? [ cheers andppus]! welcom.'s ?ythe best! we areek s in we of the nfl seas, and the big suay ?k?/ night football. i love sunday nit football. the matchup isl) between the indianapolis colts and the uston texa,
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every seas, theyive out player. mo but they also give o awards during the seaso sort ofik thones in high school yearbooks, likmost lel cceed, class clown, stuff with that in mind, it's rles [ cheers aus ala ??)immy: fi anthoncazohe hen, wasot mk n't oteve la his barber for the graduation cap. that's very interesting. la next up, from the colts, is jere vujnovich.
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itard. never give out.?r whatetn yoou gre not d most lik wiing to spend t dlar ak?)?)ht re? ?iton texa. he was voted most likely to be ? ng o to cof his lamp
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ha aousiname"f.u. aousiname"f.u. [ ughter appuse ] that's o. that's an odco???8? nebrdon weed feesr harde most likelyo [ laughter and applause ]?) can we double chk ? ouy wod ey give thatward [ laughter ] yeonah, we think othese awar they just givehem at these players.
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?? [ cheers a applause ] >> jimmy: our first guest is not only a tony award winner, he's also a six-time emmy award winner for his fantastic wk on the groundbreaking ly acclai "breaking bad." now he's wrien this erfu memo cald, parts," which is available now.@ please welcomethe multalented, bryan cnston, ladies and genemen! ha y $b j?] they love you. we love you. welcome, welcome, welcome back to the show, buddy. >> a lot of love. got questlove. >> jimmy: questlove. a lot of love. ? going to take a lot of love ? ? going to take a lot of love ? to feel all right ? ??
11:00 pm
a lot of love ? ? to feel all right ? ?? >> jimmy: who was that? >> nicollette larson. >> good call. >> jimmy: nicollette larson. wow he's better than google. are you kidding me. >> it was written by neil young. >> are you kidding me. >> jimmy: what's that? >> it was written by neil young. >> jimmy: oh, that's right, it was by neil young. >> alright, what day did he write it? [ laughter ] >> february 30th -- >> jimmy: darn it! you can't get anything past these guys. welcome back. we love having you here, buddy. >> great to see you. >> jimmy: you look sharp. look at this guy on the cover. i like this guy. >> oh, yeah. >> jimmy: he's a good looking dude. >> evil eisenberg. >> jimmy: i love him, too. >> he was just misunderstood. >> jimmy: of course. you have great quotes on the ckere. but one -- said bryan cranston has created a cinematic record of how an actor shapes a a career, and an identity, and
11:01 pm
from the great tom hanks. >> yeah. >> jimmy: that not bad. notoo shabby. jim: w much did y pay ?" m r the quote? >> yeah.&d i had a little dirt on mr. hanks. i said, either you say this, or -- >> jimmy: yeah. >> he's a lovely guy. >> jimmy: ave rkedh ?r fo tes. >> jimmy: ye, ur times. >> he's just called me everyme ? and before i can answer, i'm like on a plane ready to go wherever he wants. >> jimmy: any takeaway from that guy? >> i've got to say, he's the guy you hope he would be. >> jimmy: yeah. >> that's him. >> jimmy: i agree. >> he's the guy. he's on the set, he's reectful and kd d friendly.??j; t and yee rk don immy: ?[thank you veryuck ?ryo >> eept for thre sptfki ht y gethe wk doou
11:02 pm
laughteraio >>'s otrue.tu itoes iwa this is a collection of short stories from my life e od a thead. veryhallenging childhood. >> jimmy: lookt th. >>omawe. >> jimmy: he's a cute little kid right there. yeah. >> he's pretty cute. >> jimmy: yeah, he's great. i also like this thi o do you remember this? >> yeah. >> jimupn p there. in high school. >> high scho. >> jimmy: and lower -- move down a little bit. that's the same one. th is billohnson. so expin this.? sneaky k when was ung, into a teenage cp?@et >> jmy so -- ineture . eyerng se takitsf all the students. d i was going, oh, okay. and i came around the next day
11:03 pm
e ure, got the card. agot into rds whenever dioli tr ty would y, o are you? d , so no, yo n. ye, yeahhere'sd. we're going to have to take th to the office andall i'ke, no. don't call natalie and e joson. [ ughter ] foou >> jmy: eye pset. that young bill did is. u uld just do that and get aw wh it? >> if ever i got into trouble -- bill -- bill johnson. bryan cranston neverot into trouble, by the y. bill johnson, he was bad influence. >> jimmy: awful awful awful child. >> terrible influence around me. >> jimmy: awful child. >> yeah, he was. >> jimmy: i want to tell -- i want hear the story about when you and your brother became suspects in a murder. but i don't want to get into it now, i want to go to commercial, and then i really
11:04 pm
about the killing of mr. wong. >> okay. >> jimmy: aright, here we go. more with bryan cranston when we come back, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?r?r mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else?
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?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. we are hanging with our good friend, bryan cranston! his new memoir, "a life in parts," is available now. i would like to hear one of the stories in here, but this how you and your brother became >> yes. well, we took a two-year motorcycle ride across the united states in the mid-'70s. >> jimmy: how cool is that? >> yeah, it was the greatest things. we picked up jobs here and there, and one time, we were daytona beach, staying for a a while, trying to earn some money, and we got a job at a a polynesian restaurant -- >> jimmy: mm-hmm. >> called "the hawaiian inn," and at the hawaiian inn, we were waiters. and, the head chef was a guy named peter wong. now, peter was a good chef and a horrible person.
11:10 pm
who i just realized, "oh, my god. i hate this guy." [ laughter ] i don't think i've ever hated someone before. >> jimmy: some bad people, yeah. >> peter wong! >> jimmy: yeah, peter wong. not a nice guy? >> not a nice guy. he was miserable and mean, and i mean, he would just shout and yell at you. and, so, during the waiter meetings before every night, we'd have a little food, and they're telling us what to push on the menu. >> jimmy: yep. >> and we'd all talk about how each one of us would kill peter wong, if we had the opportunity. so, so iai-- >> jimmy: i could tosee tally my doing that. i'must thinking that i would sle him up, t ce him up, i'd -- >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah. oh, yeah, crazy -- >> tslicender . >> jimmy: yeah, yeah, yeah,
11:11 pm
iian inn and gather everybody who's left of the staff, a they say, "weould t peter wong." and everybwoods g 'soing on. theyaid, "anybodever talk about hurtinor killing peter wong?" [ laughter ] and all the waiters are like, "well, yea all of us." [ laughter ] >> and they said, "anybody who is no longer here who talked about killing peter?" "um, well, the cranston brothers are." leave?" "well, they left about a week ago on their motorcycles." and, they said, "that fits the time line --" >> jimmy: and yeah, he -- >> because peter was murdered. >> and they were looking for us. they put an a.p.b. out on our motorcycles and looking for us. we were somewhere north of the carolinas by then. >> jimmy: and they arrested bill and stan johnson. [ laughter ] >> bill and stan. >> jimmy: the daylight -- the day -- [ applause ]
11:12 pm
time currently. i wanted to play a game with you tonight if you don't md. >> sure.this game is called "crat- cranst-out." [ laughter ] so, i'm going to name something, and, you say "cranst-in" if you enjoy it, "cranst-out" if you're out. >> all right. >> jimmy: and i'm gonna say "fall-in, fall-out." >> okay, got it. >> jimmy: ready? l me the rules again? no, no. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: if i had to explain the rules for 20 minutes, then we never get to the game. [ laughter ] all right. ready? here we go. pumpkin spice lattes. >> cransin. >> jimmy: fall-out. >> oh, was that quick? >> jimmy: too much business. >> oh, okay. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> i see where we're going. [ la ] >> jimmy: no, you don't. there isn't -- we're not going anywhere. >> oh, there's a competition here! [ laughter ] don't fool yourself! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: dogs wearing clothing. oh, fall-in. >> oh, cranst-out. oh. >> jimmy: what? [ laughter ] >> well, let me -- my dog wearing clothing? cranst-out. >> jimmy: what?
11:13 pm
cranst-in. >> jimmy: it's cute. >> i want to see that. >> jimmy: yeah, i think it's cute. men's jewelry. fall-out. >> cranst-out. >> jimmy: yeah, out. >> but i wear a wedding ring. >> jimmy: and a ring and a a watch. >> and a watch, and a nipple ring, but -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't tell every -- >> but just one! >> jimmy: don't tell everything! >> and one -- >> jimmy: no, no, yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] well, it's not on his nipple. [ laughter ] eating something after it's fallen on the floor, five-second rule. >> oh, cranst-in. >> jimmy: fall-in. yeah, of course, yeah. t >> jimmy: please, have you ever eaten at mr. wong's? hello. [ laughter ] >> j my: turtlecks. >> cransout. >> jmy: -in. it keeps your neck war veryndy will. no. acuas thsecond -- second -- you know, the second chin immy: ah, ah, ah. i get that, too. it's li'm pointg at it. >>immy: yeyeah [ laug fa - >> fl-in. [ ugernd appuse
11:14 pm
[ lauger ] own m son.ughter and applause ] how would you know if i like camping or not? you barely know me, but you're right.? i do enjoy -- i'm t a camper >> i was under stress! [ laughter ]yonnaise. fall-out. >> oh, cranst-in. >> jimmy: !i nnot s maynaise. it remindse ?1?n puff. >> that's why i like it. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: "the bachelorette." fall-in. >> jimmy: cranst-out [ laughter and applause ] i love the show. finally, the murder of mr. wong. [ laughter ] >> cranst-in. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness! [ cheers and applause ] bryan cranston, everybody! check out his new memoir, "a life in parts." we'll be right back with dakota fanning! stick around. [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jimmy: our next gue has arred in ove30 fms, and she's on 22 ars ol from the new movie, "american pastoral," pase welcome the very lovely, the talented, dakota fanning! [ cheers and appuse ] ?? >> jimmy: hey! welce back! welcome back! you look gorgeous. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thank you for coming back. i love your shoes. very beautiful shoes >> thanks. ooh la la. >> thank you. >> jimmy: you had a very exciting night last night. what did you end up doing? you were at the empire state building? >> yes, in the morning i went and flipped the switch to light the empire state building with save the children, a charity i work with to celebrate international day of the girl. and then last night -- [ cheers and applause ] and then at sundown -- >> jimmy: here's you with the children there. >> yeah. we did it together.
11:21 pm
>> jimmy: wow. you're giant. you're very tall. you're taller than the empire state building. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i think it's very cool that you do stuff like that. >> it was awesome. >> jimmy: you live in new york city now. >> i do, yes. >> jimmy: what do you do for fun? like on the weekend? do you and your girlfriends get together and party down? >> yes, we do. but we also do this fun thing where we go to atlantic city. >> jimmy: yeah, i love atlantic city. >> and -- yes. so we go to atlantic city, and usually a big group of us go. and our last trip was a smal group. me and my best friend, audrey, we were the only girls that were going, so we were like talking about our outfits, obviously. usually we -- yeah. that's the most important part. >> jimmy: guys do the same >> usually we dress -- >> jimmy: "what are you gonna wear?" "oh, yeah, i'm gonna wear jeans." [ laughter ] me too. >> no, my guy friends plan their outfits, too. >> jimmy: oh really? >> yeah, they do. but we were -- usually we dress like sparkly, and you know, like, heels. we were like, we don't want to do that. we want to be more comfortable.
11:22 pm
so we decided that we were going to pretend to be two friends on their bachelorette parties. and so i ordered juicy couture bridal track suits. from three days before. [ light laughter ] and my best friend audrey, she ordered visors that said las vegas obviously because we were going to atlantic city. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: las vegaha >> then we got engagement rings the whole thing. >> jimmy: so were you pretending that you guys -- you each were getting married to each other? >> we were pretending we were friends -- best friends that had gotten engaged at the same time and this was our pre-bachelorette. this wasn't the real bachelorette. you now what i mean? this was the pre-bachelorette. >> jimmy: i have a picture of you -- this is you in the l, elevator. well, it looks like the elevator with your buddy and standing in the background -- >> and that's myriend coor in the back. >> jim: not too shabby. like this. >> yeah. >> jimmy: i could do this.
11:23 pm
>> i love it so much. itakes us soappy and i left mengagement ring at w so if anybody finds itn a.c., let me know. : bu jimmyit's not real at al >> and i also ha somethi se, i ha to bac because i didn't cash out. wow! >> jimmy: mys big-time! [ cheers and ae ]pplaus cha-ching! >> i gotta go back for my ring and my $15. >> jimmy: you scored right there, 15 bucks. usually i'm negative when i leave. >>'m cash -- i have a year. >> jimmy: what do you gamble? what do you play? >> slots. >> jimmy: slots, yeah, of course. coins don't come out anymore, right? that's a thing of the past. >> no. they just have the sad sound. no real coins. >> jimmy: "you have won. congratulations." >> not even that. [ light laughter ] next time we want to go for two nights. >> jimmy: you only went for one night? and you make 15 bucks. dude, let's go for 30 bucks next time. [ light laughter ] big time, man. here you are on the cover of "town & country." congrats on that.
11:24 pm
about dating life. >> right. >> jimmy: you're not a fan of dating. >> i regret saying that just a a little bit. because now nobody's going to want to take me on a date because i said i hate dating. >> jimmy: no, no, please, please. it's -- >> dates are weird. especially dinner dates. like, i think that eating in front of somebody is kind of personal. you don't really know this person. so then you have to decide what to order that's easy to eat, and talk, and not messy, you something that's not going to get in your teeth. not a gross food. >> jimmy: i'll just have the broth. >> my friend dom -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: just a bowl of broth, thank you. a small bowl. >> no, you can't do that either. 'cause that's weird. no, you can't do that either. my friend dom, she told me that penne is the pasta of dates. penne pasta. >> jimmy: i call it penne. >> oh, sorry. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: don't take me on a a date. that's awful. how frch.
11:25 pm
penne! e rlic baguettes. >> no, maybe i'm wrong. i don't want to say it again. >> jimmy: i have no idea. i just eat with my mouth. [ light laughter ] i'm married. i'm married. i have no rules. >> it's individual pieces. you know what i'm saying. you can fork one, put it in there, it's like very clean. >> jimmy: oh i see. if you have something like this -- >> oh, jesus. >> jimmy: -- this would be a a nightmare. >> no, that's a nightmare! >> jimmy: that's a complete nightmare. >> an absolute nightmare! >> jimmy: this is from our buddy frank peri in manhattan. i think we're buddies. we're close enough friends. [ cheers and applause ] frank pellegrino jr. i love that guy. he's awesome. [ talking over each other ] >> oh, my gosh. >> jimmy: "would i know you from any movies? tell me about it. what's it like to be in a a movie?" [ laughter ] >> this doesn't work! >> jimmy: you didn't even eat yet. forget it! i'm not dating you, you loser.
11:26 pm
oh, my god. yeah. eat the penne. we should have had the penne! but they're out! [ laughter ] they're out of penne again! sacre bleu! i think we should go for it always. just go for it. eat spaghetti and meatballs. you're the coolest girl, come on. >> noodles hanging out of your mouth. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: they don't like they way -- screw theou tell me about this movie, "american pastoral." this is -- ewan mcgregor, who i love. >> yeah, so -- >> jimmy: directing. >> it's his first time directing a film. >> jimmy: love that guy. cool guy. >> he's also in it. i play his daughter and jennifer connelly's daughter. >> jimmy: she's fantastic too. >> i know. they're both so amazing. >> jimmy: that's a dark movie. i think u -- very great job acting. you have a speech impediment in the film. >> i do, yeah. >> jimmy: which is -- that must be completely tough, too, a a different way to act there.
11:27 pm
something that i don't deal with in my own life, and something that you want to get right, you know what i mean? yeah. >> jimmy: i think you did a a great job. >> thank you very much, yeah. >> jimmy: do you want to tell everyone what the movie is about? >> yeah, the film is about an american family and it starts in the '40s, and i come in in the '60s. i'm a teenager growing up, sort of, in the tumultuous times of the 1960s in america. and it's kind of about perception versus reality. to be perfect, and to have it all. and it kind of questions whether you can ever really know someone. and that appearances aren't always true. >> jimmy: you never know everyone's story, yeah, yeah. we have a clip. here's "american pastoral." take a look at this. ?? >> what do you want? >> have you thought about what i asked you? oirivate school? >> if you don't like living here with us. >> i j -- just want to be able to go to n --n -- new york again on the weekend.
11:28 pm
you knew the rules. >> i never thought my own f -- f -- father would keep me prisoner. >> mary. i've been thinking and i have an idea. you want to protest the war. protest it right here in old rimrock. >> what am i going to do, march around the post office? >> this is part of america, too, you know. >> r -- read marx. r -- r -- revolutions don't begin in the countryside. >> we're not talking about revolution. >> you're not talking about revolution. >> jimmy: dakota fanning, everyone! [ cheers and applause ] "american pastoral" opens in new york, l.a., and select cities october 21st. go see it! we'll be right back with the music from the great barry gibb, ladies and gentlemen! come on back! [ cheers and applause ]
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singer, songwriter, and musician, who's out with his first solo album in 32 years called "in the now." performing the title track, please welcome barry gibb! [ cheers and applause ] ?? ? you're the epitome of innocence u' ? and all i think about is yesterday i need you here in the now ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ?
11:34 pm
all my life is so wrapped up in you ? ? and i can only wish that you could feel the way i do ? ? i found a love and i can't get enough ? ? to have you suddenly standing right in front of me ? ? i may be lonely but i'm not alone and we don't need conversation ? ? i'm only happy when i hear you moan you speak the pleasure within ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ? ? in my heart in my soul
11:35 pm
? we claimed that summer darling you began to slowly bend my will ? ? love is the game we got not shame and time is standing still ? ? all my life i never felt this way before ? ? learning what i never knew you're the one i'm searching for ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ? ? in my heart in my soul in the now ? ? i may be lonely but i'm not alone and we don't need conversation ? ? i'm only happy
11:36 pm
? in the now ? ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: barry gibb! [ cheers and applause ] "in the w" is available now. my thanks to bryan cranston, dakota fanning, barry gibb once again! [ cheers and applause ] let you do it all night. i love you, buddy. the greatest. give it up for the roots right there, from philadelphia, pennsylvania. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for "late night with seth myers." thanks for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you tomorrow. bye-bye, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ??
11:37 pm
?? >> announcer: from the warner theater in washington, d.c., it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight, vice president joe biden. second lady of the united states dr. jill biden. music from sturgill simpson. featuring the 8g band with vernon reid. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, how are we doing, washington, d.c.? [ cheers and applause ] thank you so much. for having us here. in your beautiful city. we're having the best week we could have imagined. now let's get to the news.


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